Demo 2013

by Boxkite

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released April 6, 2013



all rights reserved


Boxkite Plymouth, UK

Hardcore band from Plymouth, UK.

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Track Name: Drown
I'm tired of these useless apologies ringing in my ears. Your pity means nothing to me so keep it flooding down, I am beneath you after all. A waste of life, a waste of breath, a waste of time. I can't keep a grip, of a life so grey and dull, these days are wasted on me. On those coldest darkest nights I close my eyes and think back to a time when you were all I saw. Who needs comfort? Who needs safety? Drown me in who we were. Life jacket on my chest, now you're the noose around my neck. Just lift me from reality, take away my greatest of faliures. Swept away on the tide and left to die, it's all I ever deserved. I was halfway out to sea while you were halfway out the door. I don't hate you, I'm just sad and bitter and lonely, but I need to say this one time and one time only; fuck you.
Track Name: Lifetime
A lifetime spent lying on my own, nothing to distract me from myself. The hell inside my mind that I create, I created it to never sleep so it sinks into my dreams. Forever, forever all I see. This negativity is all I breathe. Forever, forever no escape. This negativity is how I live. But every day that I'm here I know how to keep my demons at bay, embrace the shadows, control the darkness, allow me to talk in cliches. Cause like a light in the darkness, I found this and I found my peace, and it taught me the truth. I don't need to change, cause I found my place, cause I'm a piece of shit, but I'm almost at peace with it.
Track Name: Groom Lake
It's easy to waste away remembering how much happier you were. Forever look to the rear view mirror to fix your shattered lives. I'm broken and I'm tired, these bottles need to break just once, and with shards of glass for skin, it's always easier to be alone. So lie awake and think of death, the only embrace you'll ever get. And take the long walk home, consider your life, and how it feels to be left behind. A lifetime at the back of the line. But hold your head up high, there's honour in coming in last. Hold your head up high, there's honour in coming in last.
Track Name: Grey II
These worn out days, my fucked up dreams, a tired excuse for the quiet life. I make goodbyes last a lifetime and I hold them tight. Wondering where I went wrong, regret and shame are all the same. I can't wrap the thought around my fractured skull that this will ever change. Rip the pictures off the wall, the paper peals away. I did more living in two years, than I ever did before. Wondering where I went wrong, day one is where I went wrong, and I never tried to be anyone but me. But my tiredness will shoot me down, hand in hand my tiredness will shoot me down.

I live my life on the downside
I find my path within darker walks of life.