This Is How God Loves You

by Boxkite

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released May 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Boxkite Plymouth, UK

Hardcore band from Plymouth, UK.

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Track Name: Worthless
worthless souls never change, worthless days never end, worthless words of good intent, a life of days i never spent. i've read words until my eyes bled. i dwelled on thoughts until my brain was dead. can't shake awake from this horrible dream, an endless nightmare i can't even believe the steps i had to take to keep myself alive. i keep living this bleak life.
Track Name: Endless Vacation
you must be fucking blind, you've lost your fucking mind, you've lost your forward thought, focused on keeping score. brick by brick, we built this all, you turned up, just to watch it fall. you don't mean a fucking thing to me. brick by brick, we built this all, take one step, i'll let you fucking fall. we don't need you.
Track Name: Still
i've been grasping at thin air, at something that was never even there. i've been searching for all the things that i need, sold short by my shame, sold short by my greed. i just don't want you to hate me, the same way that i hate myself. i just don't want to push you away, but i know it's just a matter of time. like the roaches in the floor, i will exist for ever more. like the spiders in my head, poison lives in my soul, swells with every step. an animal or a god, i was destined to live alone. a drifter belongs to nowhere, my only home is my broken bones. my future is the end of a rope. cold earth to break this curse. destroy myself. save everyone else.
Track Name: Violent Retreat
simply put, i fucking hate you. you're just a coward with no respect. i wish on you, an early death. you manipulate to feed your ego. waste the chance that you had. you cause the devil in my thoughts. you cause the hatred in my words. leave me be, this is my world. you drag me down.
Track Name: The Curse of Oak Ridge
my hatred is the path that i follow, no love for today, no love for tomorrow. i spit anger, how the fuck can i change? get no reprieve from my blinding rage. nature or nurture, was i born like this? cast unto hell a cell within myself. i'm already there, it's in my head. i live with a noose around my neck. i'm lost and loveless, all alone, how the fuck did it come to this? i'm cold and hopeless, walking through life with a clenched fist.